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In 1987 Fanis started building the "Panorama" as a country house, so he could escape there with his family, and enjoy the stunning views. Many tourists and travelers who arrived in Skiathos, as passing by this country house during the summer were asking the family if they could admire the panoramic view from the yard. Of course the hospitality of the family never lacked and so, visitors were invited to enjoy the view and relax for a while with a treat from the family. This went on for a few years, the family even developed long lasting friendships with several of the guests. In 1994 they decided to create the restaurant - pizzeria “Panorama” in the same location overlooking the Aegean Sea and neighboring islands. Until today, the Panorama is known for its unique flavors, friendly atmosphere and stunning panoramic views of Skiathos and the surrounding islands.

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Evaggelia Paschali

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